Casino ratings are essential for players who want to find the right Casino. There are many casinos, and each of them is a list of the best trusted online casinos. But few casinos are like that. Therefore, analysts check the casino for several parameters, which allows you to evaluate the institution and understand whether it is worth playing. This will allow players to know whether they are safe, whether they will receive their winnings, whether the casino has a license. In order not to check the casino yourself, the review sites contain a lot of articles about each casino in Africa, which allows you to make the right choice for gaining experience in online games.

To play with Live Dealers, you must first directly find a casino that offers such offers. Players who find a great online casino dealer live, must choose the game. You can choose from card and board games-poker, blackjack, baccarat, roulette and many others. All of them take place online and are a live record of the dealer and the game. Customers can ask the seller questions and he will answer them immediately. The dealer accepts bets, plays the game and is the player’s opponent in the selected game. We hasten to assure you that the dealer does not see the player, and he, in turn, is available to all players. Playing with Live Dealers is a great way to find live chats even at home.

Players cannot play with live casino online without registration. This is due to the fact that in order to play with Live Dealers, you need to play for Real Money. Therefore, the customer must initially be a registered user to play with Live Dealers. Otherwise, players can only play against the computer.

Playing with a live dealer has many advantages that greatly influence the gameplay

  • First, the game provides a live casino experience. Even when at home or on the street, players can follow the game and the dealer and interact with him. If there is no way to visit a real live dealer online casino, games with live dealers are a great alternative.
  • Secondly, such games are more lively than games against the computer. There is an opponent against a player who has real thinking, not an algorithm. As a result, the game becomes more lively and unpredictable than the game against the computer.
  • Third, you have the opportunity to play with other players online and communicate with them using a special chat. So live dealer games are a good alternative to real live casino roulette.

Roulette with direct dealer

Roulette is one of the games available in direct dealer mode. The game is a board game and is a way to earn money for success. After choosing a live dealer, the player sees a special roulette table at which the dealer is located. Next to it is a betting field, which is simultaneously displayed on the player’s screen. The field consists of numbers from 1 to 36. The player can bet on any number. After that, the dealer starts spinning online roulette with a live dealer with the ball. Later the roulette stops, and the ball stops at the number. This number is considered winning. In addition to the number, the player can bet on a color, even or odd, for the dozen or half that contains the number. There are many types of roulette, which we will discuss below.

The concept of Russian online casino roulette with a direct dealer differs from the standard game, because here players play with a toy revolver. He understands whether the player wins or is shot. A bullet is hidden in one of the compartments of the revolver. The task of the players is not to hit this bullet, otherwise the client will lose. This type of roulette is not related to the rules of the standard game, but has its own rules that give players new impressions. In the American version of roulette, the chance to win is difficult, since there are two zeros in the roulette field – zero and double zero. So the casino’s chance of winning doubles. In addition, there is a different order on the betting field, which initially confuses the player a little. Therefore, many customers prefer other types of live dealer roulette, because American Roulette is difficult.

European Roulette is a European version of roulette. The game also uses chips and betting chips. The player must also bet any of the 37 numbers. Therefore, this version of the game is the easiest and most adapted for the player. For European players, this is more understandable, so we advise you to look at this type of roulette for your game in African live casino. French roulette is the first invented roulette wheel. This is the original roulette game played by most online casino players. Its rules are considered original, which allows players not to get confused by possible differences. Therefore, if you want to play the original Roulette, the rules of which are known and accessible to everyone, then choose French roulette for this.