From time immemorial, people have always looked to mascots to bring them luck in different events. It, therefore, is no surprise that in the gambling sector where luck plays a major role, mascots are very important.

Apart from players who believe in mascots, many online casino sites also use them to represent their brands. You’ll find many beautiful mascots while rating top online casinos at or other websites. Just like top sports teams, these casino sites also provide mascots to keep their players entertained.

Here are some of the things mascots represent:

  • Luck
  • Wealth
  • Happiness
  • Good fortune
  • Strength and bravery

In this article, we will be showing you some of the popular mascots loved by casino players.

The Panda

When you see the Panda bear used as an icon for brands, what comes to your mind? For many people, China is what they first think of. This is because the Panda has an important place in Chinese history and culture.

According to the Shangshu (a history of the Xizhou Dynasty, 1027-771 BC), the Panda is invincible and as strong as a tiger. The Panda’s pelt was usually given as a tribute to the Emperors and Kings during that time. It was also believed to have medical powers and to repel plagues. Till today, the Panda is seen as a sign of good luck in China. You can find the image on many Chinese souvenirs and coins.

Thus, online casinos use the Panda as a mascot. Some players also believe that the Panda can help them get the best of casino games and bonuses.

The Leprechaun

Another popular symbol of luck loved by casino players is the Leprechaun. It is a luck symbol that is associated with Ireland and St. Patrick’s Day. According to Ireland Legend, Leprechauns are magical creatures that are unfriendly and sometimes nasty. They could kill you if you fail to please them or help you if you do.

Even though the Leprechaun character is a creation of Irish mythology, a lot of players believe the mischief-makers can really bring them luck. Legend has it that the creatures are very good shoemakers. And in the fairy world, shoemaking is one of the most lucrative businesses. Thus, Leprechauns are believed to be rich and to stack their gold in a pot. For this reason, many gamblers play slots with “Leprechaun” included in the title, hoping to win some from the creature’s pot of gold.

The Centaur

While many may find a creature that is half-human and half-horse scary, many believe the Centaur can bring them luck. According to Greek Mythology, this creature lives a sensual life: enjoys good food, beautiful women, and other pleasant things of life.

The centaur is also seen as a brave and loyal warrior. It possesses extraordinary strength, reflexes, and stamina. So, players who see taking risks as bravery look to the centaur for strength.

Super Heros

Rather than using known animals or symbols as mascots, some online casino brands create their characters. These characters are given a history of how they are strong, powerful, or how they can bring luck to players. They appear on the different casino offers and bonuses. Therefore, as users enjoy the casino games at such platforms, they look to the mascot for luck and hope to win a lot of money.

Final thoughts

Can mascots really bring us luck? Well, there is no proof that a mascot will help you win a game. But when it comes to activities like gambling, people find it more real when there are characters they look onto for luck.