Just before two rival West Virginia high school basketball teams were about to face off, an African American player walked into the guest locker room and found a disturbing image on the board.

Just before tip-off at the Wyoming East-Westside basketball game, a player named Jace Colucci, who is bi-racial, walked into the guest locker room, only to see a drawing of a stick figure with his name on it hanging from a noose.

In an interview with WVVA News on Monday, Collusi’s mother Erica Colucci Ayers said this was not the first time her son has been targeted.

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Just before the Wyoming East- Westside basketball game in 2019, she said a Snapchat conversation was forwarded to her.

“It was a video of kids chanting: hang Jace, hang Jace.”

At that time, Ayers said she was told by school board officials that the students responsible had been punished.

She took their word for it, until this past Friday.

It happened again. 

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