According to Goldman Sachs, the eSports live market is likely to surpass 276 million soon, making it the biggest sports competition niche- bigger than the NFL or the Premier League. This, coupled with the fact that the global eSports industry is already recording annual revenues of more than a billion dollars, is enough incentive for smart investors. It doesn’t come as a surprise that famous pro-athletes and celebrity figures are investing top dollar in eSports companies. Post Malone is the latest superstar to make a dramatic entry into eSports in partnership with Envy Gaming. He joins other celebrity investors like Drake, Will Smith, Mike Tyson, Michael Jordan, Steph Curry, P Diddy, and many others. It’s not the first time that Post Malone has been making gaming headlines. In fact, Posty is well known in the sports betting industry as a player who does not always win his bets. After multiple losses in the San Francisco 49’s Super Bowl, he made a final off-record bet to get a tattoo of Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce autographs, if he did not win his bets. That he kept his bet could be seen on his Instagram account later. It’s not clear if his investment within the gaming industry has anything to do with his personal betting on eSport but Posty is an active eSports gamer and used to live streaming his PlayerUnKnown Battleground on Twitch. 

The Exciting eSports Partnership

On August 28, the news went viral that Post Malone, the sunflower singer, and rapper, had acquired co-ownership in Envy Gaming. Envy Gaming is among the biggest eSports companies in the world. The organization is renowned for its gaming prowess in Call of Duty. Their teams, like Dallas Fuel, have a reputation of beating opponents in a legendary fashion. Post Malone posted the update on his Twitter account once the deal was finalized. The artist is not a stranger to the gaming industry as he reports having spent a considerable amount of time playing video games since his childhood. In a recent interview, Post expressed a passion for gaming and unveiled plans to be a long term investor in the industry. His goal is to improve the local gaming industry by making it as professional as other sports. Post Malone expressed gratitude for the opportunity to accomplish his gaming goals in his hometown. Having its roots in Post Malone’s Texas home town, Envy Gaming was the obvious company to partner with. The partnership is also ideal for marketing purposes as Post Malone attracts a vast fan-base that is strategic for eSports. Envy was formed in 2007 and is the best performing eSports organization in Texas. The newly appointed CEO thought working with Post Malone would be significantly beneficial for the company. Post Malone is considered an icon by his gamer-lover fans, who also follow his music. The CEO showed intentions to include the pop star in future initiatives of the company.

Esports Market is an Ideal Investment for Celebrities

Post Malone is not the first artist to share ownership of a gaming company. Drake, Offset, and The Weeknd had already ventured into the industry. In the last week of August 2020, Ben Simmons, an NBA player, also invested in Faze Clan eSports organization. The celebrity brand is highly marketable in eSports, and business-oriented superstars like Post Malone are already the brand ambassador for a peripheral making company, HyperX, and Warzone. In an interview with The Verge, Offset from the famous Migos group, said that the gaming industry is similar to the music industry since they share a considerable percentage of fans. He added that joining the two markets will benefit both sides, especially musicians who hardly have more significant influence than sportspeople. Post Malone joined the organization when the final face-off was just around the corner. Their company’s Call of Duty team was among the top four to compete for the championship, and they are considered the tournament’s favorites. His representatives in the London Entertainment Group, United Talent Agency, and the Electric feel Entertainment negotiated Post’s co-ownership on his behalf.

Envy Gaming Teams

Envy gaming first established a professional Call of Duty team. The organization later invested in other games, and so far, the two teams under the organization play in the following categories: the Dallas Empire group participates in the Call of Duty while the Dallas Fuel team competes in the Overwatch League. Envy gaming does not only participates in competitions but also to create industry-related content and offer game streaming services. Envy won the Team of the Year title in 2016.

The Dallas Empire Team

Dallas Empire is one of the best performing teams in the Call of Duty competitions. There is no doubt the organization had spent a lot in training its teams, as evident from their assigned games’ performances. Dallas Empire was included among the twelve groups that would participate in the Call of Duty’s opening season.

The Dallas Fuel Team

Dallas Fuel is an outstanding team that holds the record for being the first team to host a local competition in the Overwatch League. Like the Dallas Empire team, Dallas Fuel has managed to build a good reputation for winning matches hence building a strong international presence as a formidable team.

Post Malone seeks to leave a legacy in music and the local gaming industry, which he is deeply passionate about. It is an opportune time for Texas gamers to make their mark. Besides investing in the eSports industry, Posty also has his own wine and it will be interesting to see what will be his next investment.