The NFL playoffs are here. 

Which means will have to hear famous fans voice their opinions on their teams. 

The Cowboys face the Seahawks in the wild card round , and Texas native Post Malone thinks that his team will walk out of AT&T Stadium victorious.

TMZ Sports caught up with the ‘rapper’ and like every good texas boy does, he throws his full support behind the Cowboys.

“All my friends around there, I love them very much,” started Malone. “We had a great year, and no matter what happens I’ma be proud of them. But, we’re going to kick some ass, I know it for a fact, we’re going to kick some ass. I know we’re going to get it on and make some trouble. And, I’ll see you at the Super Bowl. Let’s get it on.”

If the Cowboys lose, you know who to blame it on. 

Making guarantees never is a good idea. 

Stick to your strange singing and let the football experts do the prognosticating.