The top-flight of English soccer has returned to tantalize fans with what is already proving to be a spellbinding season. 

The return of Cristiano Ronaldo has captivated the imagination of fans everywhere, a truly momentous occasion that could supply Man United with the means to achieve victory. 

In general, premier league lovers and sports fanatics are in for a treat, as the upcoming fixtures bear the weight of the great promise. 

If you wanted to know which ones to watch out for, here are some hopeful matchups to keep on your radar. 

Arsenal V Norwich on September 11th 

Arsenal has a great deal to prove right now, and the eyes of weary Gunners’ fans are awaiting a spark of hope to lift their spirits on Saturday. 

Now might be the time – their last face-off against Norwich ended in a whopping 4-0 victory, so a first victory might not be too far out of reach. 

The north London giants certainly have the talent, as Aubameyang proved with his hat-trick in the EFL a few months ago. 

It might be worth grabbing yourself some Arsenal tickets and heading down to the Emirates stadium if you get a chance, as both sides are itching for a chance to come out on top. 

Spurs V Chelsea on September 19th 

Spurs are in the top spot with an immaculate record and Harry Kane, who they managed to retain despite Man City’s efforts to sign him. 

Chelsea are another title contender with an incredibly strong side from front to back, especially in the front with the arrival of the great Romelu Lukaku. 

If Nuno Espírito Santos’s side can hold the line against the threat of Lukaku, Havertz, and Mount, the match should be an incredibly intense one. 

The Legendary Kane and Son pairing is one to behold when it works, and the goal-scoring prowess of the Tottenham attackers should have Chelsea very worried indeed, particularly if Son continues his magical form. 

Man United V Man City on November 6th 

The clash of the northern titans looks set to be a match to remember. Both teams are title contenders, both have ambitions to achieve European greatness, one of them has Cristiano Ronaldo

It remains to be seen just how big of an impact Ronaldo’s presence will make at the club, as speculation is all to go off before his first appearance at Newcastle on Saturday (if he does actually play at all).

Man City’s squad looks painfully strong, and the addition of Jack Grealish will certainly give the likes of Wan Bissaka a large, worrisome time. 

The Manchester derby is an unmissable event for soccer lovers, one that deserves a mark on the calendar, even if you are in no way a Manchester supporter. 

Everton V Liverpool on November 30th 

The unfathomable rise of Mohammad Salah threw Liverpool into the limelight the world over; he even appeared on time’s top 100 Influential people list

Despite their fantastic trophy-winning exploits last year, Liverpool failed to defend their title against City, perhaps showing signs of slowing down. 

Everton will undoubtedly fight tooth and nail to conquer their Merseyside rivals, and with the help of Richarlison and Rodriquez, anything is possible; this is not a match to be missed.