The Washington Post published a story detailing the backlash President Trump’s supporters in San Antonio have had to Popovich’s repeated criticism of the president. They don’t like the idea of their team not supporting their President. 

Popovich said he wasn’t familiar with the article when asked about it before the game  

 “No, I don’t care about an article that anyone might write, except if you wrote one,” Popovich joked with the reporter. “The organization has never said a word about any opinion that I might have about anything, not one time.”  

Some lifelong fans have completely tuned out the team, they just can’t bare to watch. 

  “I am completely turned off. After all those years supporting the team, and now I just have no interest,” she said. “Popovich really messed up.”  

  “That’s how angry I got. It ruined my basketball life,” she said. “I took it personally. I was such a loyal fan, and he insulted me. Why would you start attacking the people who had been so loyal?”  

Popovich has called the United States “an embarrassment to the world” and the president a “soulless coward” and a “pathological liar.” The veteran coach is disgusted by comments he called “xenophobic, homophobic, racist, misogynistic” — “and I live in a country where half the people ignored all that to elect someone. That’s the scariest part of the whole thing to me,” he said after the election.  

“I often curse Pop for doing what he did,” said Bob Mulherin, a Spurs fan for more than 25 years. “He insulted more than half of the Spurs’ fan base, and no sign whatsoever of an apology.”  

Fans are hoping for a coaching change, so they can go back to watching their beloved Spurs. I’m personally hopping for a Presidential change first. That would ideal. 

  “I’m hoping things will change,” she said. “Maybe they’ll end up with a new coach who doesn’t feel the need to talk politics. I just want to watch basketball.”