The Swedish gambling market is experiencing some trouble. Despite efforts by the Swedish Gambling Authority (SGA) to direct players to licensed Swedish online casinos and betting sites, many players prefer to play on foreign casinos. Due to the popularity of foreign casinos, many Swedish casinos have lost some of their revenue, and gambling addiction is increasing due to less restrictions.

In 2019, the SGA introduced new regulations to create a safer place to gamble. These regulations were set up to send players towards licensed Swedish gambling sites. At licensed casinos, players can expect protection against gambling addictions and strong protocols towards responsible gaming. Unfortunately, due to the strict rules, some players have been looking for casino games elsewhere.

The reason for Swedish players to register at foreign betting companies is their unlimited bonus offers and an amplified number of games to choose from. In addition, most foreign casinos provide a better user experience and an innovative touch compared to licensed Swedish casinos.

Loss of Revenue

Swedish betting companies have been struggling to keep afloat as they are losing out on revenue. Despite a wide variety of games, many Swedes have been looking for foreign casinos to spend their spare time. The turnover has taken a hit, and the Swedish government has been trying to make the licensed casinos more attractive and create stricter laws for foreign casinos.

Foreign Casinos Operating in Sweden

In 2021, the Swedish government introduced new regulations that are helping to combat gambling addictions. However, when people play in foreign casinos, there is no real supervision. As Swedish casinos have to go through many layers of tests before a license is assigned, foreign casinos do not have these same restrictions. Read more about casinos without the Swedish license at Spelpressen here.
Some of these measures are the right to form self-exclusion on all gambling for a certain amount of time and a restriction on your deposits.

Furthermore, there are strict laws and rules when it comes to marketing campaigns and advertisements. This has been created to prevent further incentives towards gambling addictions.

The SGA is always on the lookout to keep Swedish players safe and to ensure a pleasant gambling experience. Some critics are even addressing the existing problems to obtain stricter laws towards betting in Sweden. This is not limited to the online presence but also regarding land-based casinos.

The Future of Gambling in Sweden

The future of gambling in Sweden might be in question as more and more players are active on foreign gambling accounts. However, at the same time, people do appreciate safety when playing. In a highly competitive sector like gambling, it is still unclear what to expect in the future.

Depending on future laws and the trustworthiness of foreign platforms, the opportunities will be defined. New regulations and most likely new upcoming regulations will change the environment in which Swedish players are going to play and feel safe in. How well can Swedish casinos adapt to all the regulatory changes, and what is allowed in the future? These questions can only be answered by taking the law into account step by step.


In conclusion, the situation in Sweden is complicated as regulation brings safety to the players, but at the same time, it restricts how people can play in online casinos. Despite many great efforts of regulation by the SGA, many Swedes still prefer to have more freedom when it comes to gambling. The situation stays complicated but with great hope for the future.