Interest in gambling is not waning. Risk, a significant dose of adrenaline and a pleasant pastime constantly attracts new players. Online casinos help not only make money, but also spend your time with pleasure, because each machine has a demo version, where you can try your hand and play for fun.

Slot game Sweet Life

Programmers from all over the world are working on creating new slots with the most exciting stories. The developers of the Russian company Igrosoft added their own tablespoon of honey to the existing variety.

Sweet lovers should appreciate the slotSweetLife. The bear in the apiary not only collects honey, but also helps you win. The interface and graphics set up a positive mood, and the game itself will amuse situations. Despite the traditional structure of the machine: five reels, nine lines, the number of winning combinations is amazing. To try your hand in practice enough to make the appropriate request in search engines—slot machines to play for free, and you can enjoy your favorite machines.

The main characters of the game are: the bear himself, clover, from which comes the most delicious honey, bees, sprinklers, and wasp nests, they all bring a steady steady steady income, though not very big. Tangible profits will bring the appearance of barrels of honey, five in a row will increase the odds by 500, smoke in a row by 2000, well, the biggest winnings will bring the game logo, the rate will increase by 5000 times. The bear in this game is particularly generous with gifts and should take advantage of it.

Wyld symbol in the game is the smoke alarm. But his appearance not only helps to complete a winning combination, but also increases the odds of winning. Provided in this machine and bonus game, you need to find three images of beehives. Bear will be asked to open a few beehives and try to guess what are the hidden prizes, especially he will be happy with a sweet surprise that can greatly increase the winning bet If he runs into angry bees bonus game will be over. Perhaps the main difference from the machines of this type is the lack of scatter symbols and additional spins, but this fact does not affect the impression of the game. You will not be bored here, because the bear loves honey and will try to get it.

A large selection of Igors are on the site Any game of your choice. Even the most selective critic will be something to choose from. Different themes and exciting slots will not leave you indifferent.

Probability of winning at online casinos

Everyone can win at the casino, you just need to collect a good combination of symbols in the slots, get a good card in poker or guess the numbers in roulette. And since the game is controlled by a random number generator, you need a sufficient number of attempts to get a winning combination.

Chances of winning are always close to 50% and are reflected in the RTP (return to player). For different types of gambling RTP has its average value:

  • For slots – 96%;
  • European roulette – 97.3%;
  • For French roulette – 98.75%;
  • For blackjack – 99.33%;
  • For baccarat – 99%.

This means that a player will get more than 96% of the money invested in the game back. In order to play the casino with maximum profit, it is desirable to know a few winning strategies.