Having a home gym ensures that you get a thorough workout without several peices of equipment. Getting a full body workout, according to one report, is a sure way to maintain good health, and a Bowflex exercise bike is one way through which you can achieve just that. Before you buy one, it is good to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the bike so that you can make the best decision.

Here are the pros and cons of the New Bowflex Exercise Bike 


  1.   Long Warranty period

Bowflex home gym has a long warranty period. The classic which is the lowest model comes with a warranty of five years, and the best model, the ultimate has up to twelve years of warranty. They also have a six -week money-back guarantee for clients to try the home gym, and if not satisfied they may return it within that duration. With such a long warranty period, one is cushioned against financial loss in case of equipment malfunctions.

  1.   Occupy less space

Bowflex bikes are relatively small. You do not need to free up so much space for the bike. They take up to about eight feet in terms of space and you may also opt for the foldable version that takes only three feet. If you have limited space for your home gym, opt for the Bowflex exercise bike. 

  1.   Exercise options

Different people prefer different sets of exercises. A Bowflex exercise bike offers a variety of options to users. One may choose from a wide range of exercises. With such options, one is not likely to get bored. They will maintain regular exercise and achieve their goals fast. If you opt for the revolution or the ultimate model, you will get a DVD on over 50 workout options. You may also read through the manual, or download the manual online. For the best upper body work out, opt for the Bowflex bike. It also ensures that cardio and overall body workouts are done within a short period as compared to using different gym equipment. It has an excellent display that shows calories burned, workout intensity, and can sync with bluetooth or any mobile app to enable you to track your workout sessions.


  1.   Lacks standard resistance

The Bowflex bike supports up to 210 lbs but some people may need a higher resistance machine. Some other models may support up to 400 lbs. But if you do not need a high resistance home gym, then Bowflex is one of the best options.

  1.   Assembling takes time

One needs to assemble up to one hundred parts, and this will take time to assemble. Several hex wrenches and a screwdriver are also needed to assemble the home gym.

  1.   Price

Bowflex exercise bikes are a bit expensive with the lower range model costing up to 1000 dollars. But it becomes even more expensive due to shipping costs.

Technology keeps changing and more gym options will be launched every other year. By reviewing the equipment and considering the pros and cons, you can get the best home gym that best suits you.