The subject of gambling is not the main topic for India, but the introduction of a total ban on all gambling has never gone into the background. On the contrary, it is always in the view of opponents and supporters of gambling industry legalization. 

Despite the ban, online casino business actively develops in the “shadows,” and the owners of virtual gambling establishments do not pay taxes to the state budget from their vast incomes.

Advantages of gambling legalization in India

The legalization of the gambling business will have the following advantages for the Indian economy:

  • Annual inflows of impressive amounts to the state budget;
  • Creation of numerous new jobs;
  • The rapid development of hotel business because casinos can only be opened in five-star hotels; gaming halls and betting offices can be opened in five-, four- or three-star hotels;
  • The attraction of domestic and foreign investments for the construction of new hotels, opening of casinos, and development of companies specializing in the production of equipment for gambling and gambling software;
  • Development of tourism in regions where casinos will operate. Not only in Goa and Sikkim;
  • The influx of tourist gamblers stimulates business development in the sphere serving their comfortable accommodation and recreation – restaurants, cafes, laundries, car rentals, etc.

Benefits for citizens 

The bill for the widespread legalization in India should be spelled out some requirements to combat addiction to cheating – gambling addiction. Thus, the organizers of gambling are obliged to ensure the identification of all players and apply measures to the gamblers, who have restrictions. 

The age qualification of players will also have to be observed. In offline and online casinos, citizens from 18 years old are allowed. 

Despite the legislative storm in gambling entertainment, it is possible to play casinos online for free and without registration in demo mode. It allows a person to understand whether he likes a particular slot, to understand the rules of the live casino games in India, to understand all the intricacies of the gameplay, and, at the same time, get a dose of adrenaline and relax after a hard day.

As already noted, the player gets a full guarantee and security. The legal operator relies on the principles of responsible gaming in its work. It is a set of social responsibility initiatives in the gambling industry. It includes the involvement of governments and gaming control authorities, operators, and suppliers of gaming equipment and software, which are aimed at guaranteeing fair and equitable gaming. Notification of all transactions made and raising players’ awareness of the harms associated with gambling entertainment.

Experience from far abroad

In many countries, gambling has long been legalized in one form or another. As a result, there are recognized regions as leaders in terms of revenues from this business.

For example, Las Vegas. It is synonymous with gambling, one of the most famous cities in the world with legalized gambling, where tourists come not only from all over the United States but also from all over the world. Each year the city is visited by more than 42 million tourists. Each of them spends an average of $540 on gambling and about $380 more on other non-casino-related needs. Overall, the city spends about $22.68 billion annually in casinos, and total tourist spending in the city is as high as $39 billion. Each year, casinos and hotels in Las Vegas pay about $1 billion in taxes. Casino winnings are also taxed.

In the 1990s, various casinos and spas sprang up in Las Vegas, suggesting that people came on vacation to gamble. They became known as “full-service” and could only be found in Atlantic City, Nevada, and New Jersey. By the early 21st century, the standards for full-service establishments in Las Vegas were at least 3,000 hotel rooms, unique architecture that was most often glamorous, endless entertainment options, indoor and outdoor recreational opportunities, and various culinary and shopping options. But, of course, the focus was on “modern” gambling opportunities.

This trend was booming as annual tourist trips to the mecca of gambling increased. So naturally, other states wanted to be part of the story and get all the tax breaks as Vegas did, so full-service establishments expanded in cities like Atlantic City, Reno, Biloxi, and Tunica County, Mississippi. Later the trend spread to other parts of the world, such as Macau, today’s gambling capital.

Additional advantages of legal online casinos

If we talk about the legalization of gambling in India, it is impossible not to mention the advantages that a player gets by choosing a legal gambling establishment:

  • Gambling hall. Exclusively legal slot machines with an impressive choice of live casino games in India that can’t leave anyone indifferent will be waiting here. The important thing is that the legality of all entertainment is checked directly by the executive body. 
  • Integrity. It is due to the legality of the slot machines, as the operator will not have the opportunity to influence the random number generator. Such an approach contributes to the fact that you will be able to play and win rather than drain your own budget.
  • Convenience. One of the requirements is that the operator must provide the most convenient and functional website to obtain a license. Cross-platform availability is mandatory so that players can play from a computer and use their gadgets. 
  • The simplicity of deposit and withdrawal. Besides honesty, which is a priori in legal gambling establishments, you will be presented with a wide choice of ways to deposit and withdraw rupees. Financial institutions with legal gambling establishments want to cooperate with time-tested financial institutions. 
  • Registration and verification. Simple registration procedure and obligatory verification procedure, so there will be no difficulties in creating a personal account, and the user verification procedure takes minimum time. 

It is essential to keep in mind that all online casinos that have received a license have an age limit of 18+. It also allows you to fight addiction, and only persons who are fully responsible for their actions will be able to play.

Bottom line

Entertainment is a product that we can successfully sell for export. We can use it to stimulate the development of the tourism industry. It would be hard for us to go the way of Macau or Las Vegas and create big integrated resorts from scratch. It’s hundreds and hundreds of millions of investments. 

At the same time, India has a reasonably convenient location and well-developed services. Cafes, restaurants, clubs, various events, attractions, our culture. 

The example of Las Vegas shows that each tourist can spend not only for the live casino games but about the same for all related services. It will require a concerted effort by both the industry and the government. In addition to casinos, the country can give tourists its culture, attractions, perfectly developed services.