Compare Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant to Michael Jordan, or any of the all time greats, and you’ll have zero issues. 

However compare him to Lil Wayne, and nope, that’s not going to fly. The problem is, it was actually Kobe’s Lawyer who initially compared his client to Lil Wayne 

Via The Blast

Hi-Tech claimed Kobe Bryant’s lawyer allegedly told them, “Deposing Kobe Bryant would be like Lil Wayne’s deposition … it would be just like that – he’d just be saying ‘I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know.’”

The attorney is referring to an infamous deposition Wayne gave in 2012 where he answered “I don’t recall” to dozens of questions. The NBA star’s lawyer then told the pharma company if they tried to depose Kobe, they would get a room full of attorneys and “you can try, but it’s never going to happen.”

In the newly filed court documents obtained by The Blast, Kobe’s lawyer is demanding the statements he allegedly made be struck from the court record. He claims the alleged comments are completely irrelevant and the entire conversations quoted came from settlement discussions.

He accuses the pharma company of including those statements in an attempt to harass Kobe for not reaching a settlement. Kobe’s lawyer says the comments were provided without context and claims, “In reality, the statements made during these settlement discussions were in response to Applicant’s threats of deposition which were made in order to induce KBI to settle.”

He claims the motion filed by the pharma company is “replete with completely irrelevant, slander, innuendo, and misstatements” and is demanding their motion be dismissed.

Can you blame the Pharma company for trying to use that comparison. Maybe Kobe’s own lawyers should take a look at themselves for that blunder. 

As you can clearly see, Kobe has no issues aligning himself with Lil Wayne out of the courtroom. 

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