Josh McCown was sometimes the starting quarterback, but more often than not, the backup.   

McCown, who turns 40 on July 4, wrote in a piece for The Players’ Tribune posted Monday that he is retiring from playing football after an NFL career that spanned 16 NFL seasons and included stints with 10 teams.

I guess it just goes to show that you don’t always get to choose your own path. But looking back, I’m proud of how my career has gone. I don’t shy away from the journeyman label. I embrace it, full force.

Because it’s been one heck of a journey.

And now, strange as it feels to say, after 17 years … that journey is coming to an end.

Today I’m officially retiring.

He then went on to talk about his wife, and how they have the hardest jobs of anyone. 

Like my wife, Natalie.

I mean, you have to think … I played for 10 NFL teams, plus a stop to play with the Hartford Colonials in the UFL. So there was a lot of moving around and a lot of time spent away from my family. And Natalie held it down at every turn. She was a rock. She made it so I could go and do my job with a clear head, knowing that the kids were good and that everything at home was taken care of.

Honestly, you can say that about a lot of players’ wives in this league — most, probably. The wives really do have the toughest job of all, and they don’t get nearly the credit they deserve — which is basically … all of it. We couldn’t go out and do what we do on the field if they weren’t at home doing everything that they do.

I can’t say enough about the role Natalie played in my career. Nothing would have been possible without her.

She’s Superwoman.

He will be helping coach his two sons, also quarterbacks, in high school this year.

McCown said he also plans to work as a TV football analyst in the future. Hopefully he pays his wife some attention, apparently her job is now over. 

Check out some pics of Natalie McCown below:  

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