The Bills are playing their first home game of the season this weekend when they take on the Los Angeles Chargers.  It’s a big game for the Bills as they attempt to erase the memory of their Week 1 blowout loss to the Ravens.

Sunday’s game will be the first start of rookie quarterback Josh Allen’s career.  It will also be the return of Rachel Bush to Buffalo.  She confirmed earlier in the week that she will be there for the home opener and she’s bringing some friends, via Busted Coverage:

I don’t care if Josh Allen gets the start. I don’t care if Nathan Peterman throws 5 picks. The story Sunday in Buffalo will be that Rachel Bush is in town and clearly ready to unleash. “My girls” …. are you serious? This season might not be a total loss for the Bills after all.

The Bills Mafia is excited about the news and has been blowing up her Twitter timeline with picture requests.  From the looks of it she’s going to have just as much attention on her as the game itself.  Her appearance in Buffalo for the home opener is just further proof that she’s patching things up with safety Jordan Poyer

On Friday Rachel took to Twitter to make it clear that she will be there to support the Bills.  She will not be there to fight the woman that Jordan Poyer cheated with.