Los Angeles Rams offensive lineman Andrew Whitworth, who lives in Thousand Oaks, has decided to help out the victims of Thursday’s mass shooting in Thousand Oaks.  He will be donating his entire Week 11 paycheck to them.

Via Yahoo Sports:

At the Rams’ facility, Whitworth quickly took the lead with teammates, looking to find a way to help the community.

Whitworth’s contribution is already more than words: via Jay Glazer of The Athletic, he’s donating this week’s paycheck, about $60,000, to help the families of those killed and other victims.

In the early-morning hours, as he learned of what happened, the 36-year-old Whitworth tweeted that he was “heart broken” but didn’t have words he felt could help.

This is a great move by Whitworth.  A donated check of roughly $60k will go a long way to help out.