Rams running back C.J. Anderson was busted for texting a woman behind his pregnant girlfriend Raquel Torres’ back.  He offered to fly out pharmacy technician Paige Gunnink to hook up with him.

According to the Daily Mail, Anderson asked for full body nude pictures because he doesn’t hook up with fat chicks.  The sexting broke down after he told her she had a stomach.

‘He was a gentleman up until the point he wanted to fly me out, but when I didn’t want to do that, it kind of just turned into him becoming rude,’ she said.

‘His messages stopped being nice. He started asking me for photos at that point and the derogatory texts starting coming, he said I had a stomach and didn’t f**k fat girls.

‘It hurt I’m not gonna lie, I cried for a couple of days over it, to have someone who is rich and famous, this celebrity, to message you in the first place, to come and be like you’re awesome, you’re great, I think you’re gorgeous, I wanna fly you out and then be like, “no you’re not good enough, you’re too fat.” I was crushed. It has definitely affected my self-esteem.

‘Then I found out he was hitting me up when his girlfriend was two months pregnant, that’s low. I was definitely surprised.’ 

Anderson told the Daily Mail that he and his girlfriend were on a break at the time of Anderson’s exchanges with Gunninck.  It turns out pointing out a woman’s stomach isn’t a great pickup line.  

Who knew? 

Ironically the Rams running back has had his own weight questioned.

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