“I’m just tired of the comparisons,” he said. “Everybody keeps mentioning my father, mentioning his last name, but just the identity I want to make is my own identity. I look forward to making a name for myself.”

“Having picked kickers and punters, special-teams guys getting picked over me, I definitely felt some type of way over it,” he said. “It’s no difference. I’ve always had to prove myself my whole life, having the last name I have. I always had to prove everybody wrong or just prove myself right my whole life.”

Nor is he worried about any additional attention because of his last name. He might want his own identity, but that doesn’t mean he’d prefer a different last name.

“I embrace it a lot,” Moss said. “I’ve always had a target on my back my whole life growing up. I’ve grown accustomed to it. You use it as fuel.”

The last name will get your foot in the door, but it’s his job to earn his place in the NFL. 

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