As always, the 2021 NFL season is kicking off to a great start as various teams compete to acquire the most talented players in a bid to improve their odds of winning. Using lucrative offers and team status as incentives, teams have been gathering formidable players, reducing their weaknesses and massively improving their game potential through new acquisitions. 

NFL enthusiasts will be abuzz with excitement when the season finally begins, and the great players are in action. Fans will be eager to see how their favorite players will perform in their new environments. The NFL betting apps will no doubt experience a flurry of activity once the season is in full swing. 

Here is an overview of the top NFL signings so far:

OT Orlando Brown Jr.

Twenty-five-year-old Orlando Brown Jr. has been signed to the Baltimore Ravens. This seems like a promising steal from the Chiefs considering the young man’s performance, which has earned him two Pro Bowls. Brown is the perfect player to help improve the Ravens’ offensive line at a low annual cost of $3.4m. We can only hope for nothing but the best from this signing.

QB Carson Wentz

The new acquisition from the Eagles is a promising quarterback for the Colts after their previous quarterback recently resigned. Carson Wentz was recently injured, but he is still a very promising player and will not disappoint. Wentz already has an impressive array of achievements, including 16 touchdowns, 15 interceptions and 50 sacks, making him one of the most desirable players on the market. The Colts’ offense is bound to improve with this new player.

OLB Shaquil Barett

The Buccaneers have practically stolen this highly sought player, whose market rate is $20m annually, for only $17m per year. Shaquil Barett is 28 years old and boasts 27.5 sacks on the field. He will undoubtedly improve the Buccaneers’ gameplay significantly this season.

Kenny Golladay 

The New York Giants have made a fortuitous deal with the Detroit Lions for Kenny Golladay, a proven veteran of the field. Golladay boasts 16 touchdowns and one Pro Bowl, which, combined with his low signing price, makes for a worthwhile offer. He will be a perfect complement to the New York Giants quarterbacks as they strive to improve their gameplay.

Edge Haason Reddick

In reorganizing and re-strategizing their team, the Carolina Panthers have signed Edge Haason Reddick at $6m annually. Reddick is particularly essential as he has the potential to become a key player given his previous achievements. Once the games begin, we hope to see the advantages of this addition to the Carolina Panthers.

On the other hand, the NFL teams themselves have been working tirelessly on all fronts to stay ahead of the competition and prove themselves. The best teams will need to efficiently utilize their new signings to add value to the team’s gameplay, address weaknesses and adequately reorganize. 

One can only hope for a mind-blowing set of games this season, given the signings, trades and drafts this offseason, which is all the more reason to place your bets. The following are the top five teams with the most notable achievements:

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Buccaneers were lucky not to record any significant injuries last season, so they retained their entire team. They also signed new players such as Giovani Bernard to increase the team’s potential.

Cleveland Browns

The Browns went big with new signings of players like Jadeveon Clowney and John Johnson to improve the team’s gameplay prospects. Additionally, the team added new linebackers, including Anthony Walker and Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah, to ensure a well-rounded team.

Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs have signed OL Joe Thuney and Kyle Long, improving the prospects of the line performances significantly. Defense has improved significantly, while all tackles have been filled, making them a formidable force. With their new key signings, the Kansas City Chiefs are on their way to the Super Bowl very soon.

LA Chargers

The Los Angeles Chargers have new key signings, including Jared Cook, Rashawn Slater, Asante Samuel and Corey Linsley, in addition to their new coach, Brandon Stanley, who is expected to prove himself. As a team, the Chargers have improved in almost every aspect, making them one of the biggest challengers in the league.

Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens drafted WR Rashod Bateman, who is expected to complement the team’s quarterbacks perfectly. With a stat of 20.3 yards per reception, the new signing was ranked ninth overall by the scouting department. He is expected to improve the team’s performance significantly.

There you have it! The great acquisitions and the most improved teams to make the coming season as entertaining as ever.