The Baltimore Ravens are complaining about footballs again.  This time the team that started deflategate, is now claiming something was done to the footballs in Sunday’s win over the Chargers.  

According to Ravens kicker Justin Tucker, who is the most accurate kicker in NFL history, the balls changed from warmups to game time.  He missed a 53-yard and a 65-yard attempt during the game.

Via NY Post:

Though both teams had the opportunity to test the balls during pregame warmups, the Ravens maintained something changed between warmups and game time.

“[The balls] were just different,” Tucker told The Baltimore Sun on Thursday. “The result of that hour or whatever it was from this last pregame [warmup], none of the footballs were very good, and it was no fault of our equipment staff by any means. It was just what it was.”

Tucker’s missed kicks didn’t have any affect on the outcome of the game as the Ravens won 22-10.  It seems like a lot of wasted energy on Baltimore’s part.  Especially when they have no proof to support their claims.