Via Pro Football Talk:

Of course, having it and using it are two different things. And it will be easy for the league to determine whether the person actually utilized the device while in the bench area, or whether he simply had it in his ear and forgot to remove it, for example. If the device was used, a major fine could be imposed.

If he wasn’t using it, it’s a non-issue. But it still could/should result in a fine, given the bright-line rule that the league has adopted regarding such devices.

Did the earpiece help the Ravens win the game?  That’s highly unlikely.  But neither did a film crew filming the Bengals sideline for a piece on an advanced scout help the Patriots beat a one win team.

You see how hard the league is going after New England.  They should be using that same energy towards Baltimore. 

Hell, they should take away one of the Ravens draft picks while they’re at it.

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