Tampa Bay Rays outfielder Carlos Gomez hit of the most disrespectful walk off homeruns you’ll ever see.  His completely ludicrous celebration following a homerun that improved the Rays record to 8-13 deserves a fastball to the earhole.

Not only did Gomez bat flip and act like a complete dick, he did so for absolutely no reason.  The homerun was in a meaningless game in April.  That’s the kind of celebration you pull out when you just hit a walk off to win the World Series.

I know what you’re thinking, and you’re 100 percent correct, all of the Rays games are meaningless.  Which is my point exactly.  Act like a dick when you’ve actually done something. 

The Rays will do nothing but bottom feed in the AL East.  Good thing the Rays captured the moment on Twitter.  We would want the 10 fans who couldn’t join the other 10 fans, who were in attendance, to miss it.