The Red Sox lost Game 2 to the Yankees on Saturday night 6-2.  The big reason was David Price spotting the Bronx Bombers three runs in less than two innings of work.

Insisting on running Price out there in the postseason is mind blowing.  He has enough of a track record to prove he isn’t able to pitch in the postseason.

After Game 2, Price’s teams are 0-10 in his postseason starts.  Red Sox let him hear it by booing him as he made his way off the field after an inning and two thirds and three runs on the board for the Yankees. 

Price clearly doesn’t have what it takes to pitch in big games.  The numbers don’t lie.

Red Sox fans should probably just start booing as soon as the game starts during Price’s next postseason start.  It’s going to end with them booing him anyway.