Looks like a Boston Red Sox is soon to be royalty. For Red Sox outfielder Mookie Betts, it could be a family reunion with the Royal Family. Looks like he has been linked with soon to be Royal Megan Markle. 

This comes via the Boston Globe

Red Sox star Mookie Betts learned last week that he is a distant relative of Meghan Markle, the American actress who will wed Prince Harry on May 19th at Windsor Castle. Their ancestors are from the same part of Alabama.

“I saw on television that they were getting married. But I had no idea we were related,” Betts said. “That’s not something you expect to hear, but it’s interesting.”

According to the 1870 Federal Census, the population of a township in Madison County, Ala., included 22 adults and children with the surname Betts. In house No. 105, there was 17-year-old Joseph Betts. In house No. 107, 14-year-old Jacob Betts lived with his family.  

Joseph Betts is the great-great grandfather of Mookie Betts and Jacob Betts the great-great-great grandfather of Markle.

Whether Joseph and Jacob were related cannot be determined conclusively. But those residents of Madison were descendants of slaves owned by Elisha Betts, a tobacco plantation owner from Lunenburg County, Va.

I feel like if you go back far enough, you can link one person to another somehow. Of course there’s Six degrees of separation, which connects us to everyone. Not a bad person to be related to, even if it’s only distant.