Real Madrid fans are very happy, especially those who made bets on Footwagers predicting the team’s win. Even though Chelsea was in the lead at one point, Real was able to rise from the dead and take the match to extra time. 

Not only is Chelsea’s boss unhappy that the team was unable to fully eliminate Real Madrid, but he is also very disappointed with the referee of the match. Apparently, according to Thomas Tuchel, the referee was joking and laughing with Carlo Ancelotti not long before Chelsea was eliminated from the event. He criticized the referee in question as a result. 

Chelsea vs. Real Madrid

The match between Chelsea and Real Madrid was amazing. At first, it looked like Real Madrid was going to be beaten by Chelsea. However, they made it to the semi-finals of the Champions League. 

When the match reached full time, though, Chelsea were the ones who were confused and Real Madrid was in the middle of celebrations. Everyone thought Real Madrid was out, but something happened. 

“Going 3-0 down liberated us and then the magic of this stadium came out, the magic of this club came out,” said Carlo Ancelotti. Luka Modric helped Rodrygo Goes take the score to 3-1, which helped send this match to extra time. 

Real Madrid’s success revived the hope in the team.

Thomas Tuchel, Unhappy with the Referee

Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel criticized the referee of the match as he was smiling and laughing with Carlo Ancelotti. 

“I was disappointed that the referee had a good time with my colleague, Carlo Ancelotti,” said Tuchel. “I know Carlo is a gentleman and a nice guy, but when I wanted to go and say thank you for the match, I saw him smiling and laughing loudly with the opponents’ coach.” 

“I think this is the very, very wrong time to do this after a final whistle and 126 minutes where one team gave all their hearts and fought until the last drop. You go and see the referee smiling and laughing with the other coach. I think it is very, very bad timing. I told him this, and that’s it.”

“[It’s] not only today. When you play against Real Madrid, maybe you don’t expect everyone has the courage. I felt the little decisions in the first leg and today as well. I didn’t see the goal but I am super disappointed he didn’t come out and check it on its own. You should stay the boss and not give the decisions to someone in a chair who is isolated.”

Both teams were amazing during the match, and it ended with Real Madrid rising from the ashes. Now, Chelsea will regroup and go against Crystal Palace in the FA Cup semi-final.