Things got heated between Samford head coach Scott Padgett and referee Karl Hess during the East Tennessee game last night.

Hess approached Padgett after the coach expressed displeasure in the officiating late in the second half of Samford’s game vs. East Tennessee State. 

“I literally said, ‘Are you stepping to me right now?'” Padgett said recalling the incident after the game. “That’s what I think’s hilarious, it’s not a real world out there because a guy like that stepping to me is not realistic. If we’re out on the street he’s running the other way just if he sees me walking by. It’s not a threat. But I’m 6-9, maybe 280 right now, not a lot of people step to me. I think it was an unprofessional move.”  

Samford issued a challenge to its fans to spread a tweet for a chance to win shirts with the now legendary quote imprinted on them.