Former UFC champion Francis Ngannou is set to get the biggest payday of his career – by a country mile – against Tyson Fury.

During an appearance Wednesday on “The MMA Hour,” Ngannou’s longtime representative, Marquel Martin, shed light on the amount of money Ngannou will make when he crosses over to boxing Oct. 28 for a superfight against the sport’s top heavyweight in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

“Let’s just say the bag is so big, (Ngannou) might actually just drop it on the way to the bank,” Martin said. “Let’s just say that. … This is life-changing. This is exactly what we planned and visualized. So, we’re happy.”

Martin said Ngannou will earn more against Fury than he did in his 14 UFC bouts combined.

“By far. By multiples,” he said.

Martin suggested that Ngannou’s payday against Fury will also trump what he would’ve pocketed throughout the duration of a new UFC contract, which included a huge fight with Jon Jones. Ngannou left the UFC to test free agency in January – as the reigning heavyweight champ – after not coming to terms on a new deal.

“Even while being champion, he would have had to fight multiple times just to (be in the same ballpark),” Martin said.

The match between Fury and Ngannou will take place under traditional boxing rules and be contested over 10 three-minute rounds. Fury predicted Wednesday that he’ll knock Ngannou out. However, it remains unclear whether the result will count on either man’s professional boxing record. Ngannou isn’t ranked by the WBC and is therefore ineligible to win Fury’s heavyweight title. Martin said there’s a chance that could change before Oct. 28.

“We plan on talking with the WBC to get licensed,” Martin said. “That’s our plan. And you never know. We may have the opportunity to maybe put his belt on the line. I don’t know. That’s for (Fury’s) side. But I know that from our side, we plan on hopefully having those conversations. … We want this to go on (Fury’s) record.”

Regardless of whether Fury-Ngannou is considered a pro fight or an exhibition, Martin was adamant that the two heavyweights will treat it as an official contest.

“This is, by all accounts, a real fight,” Martin said. “We are not signing up to go out there and play patty cake.”

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