Kyrie is not a fan of coaches. 

Kyrie Irving is going through quite a bit right now. Of course, he was suspended from the Brooklyn Nets following an antisemitism controversy. Irving has yet to rejoin the Nets, and it remains to be seen if he will, anytime soon. In the midst of this, the Nets are also playing with a new head coach The reason for this is simple, Steve Nash was fired. The team made it seem like it was a mutual decision, but let’s be honest with ourselves. Nash was never able to lead the team, and it felt like Kyrie and Kevin Durant didn’t care for his coaching style. Not to mention, KD literally told Joe Tsai to fire Nash in the off-season.

According to some reports, Nash told a confidant that the team just doesn’t listen to him anymore. It was a heartbreaking admission that demonstrates how Nash knew it was over. He didn’t want to keep fighting the locker room, and he ultimately chose to step away. In a new report from Brian Lewis of the New York Post, it was revealed that Irving refused to listen to Nash’s play calls. One scout said that he saw Kyrie go against Nash’s wishes on 10 separate occasions in the same game. Essentially, Nash would call a play, and then the point guard would immediately do something else.

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“I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Nash would call something, and he’d run the opposite. I’ve never seen anything like that,” the scout said.

This does not bode well for future coaches of the Brooklyn Nets. Kyrie was on record saying that the Nets don’t need a head coach, and that should be a fair warning to anyone who wants that job.

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