We wrote a piece about Peyton Manning last week, it has since been deleted, and would like to correct a few errors we made in the post, and issue a retraction. See below: 

1. Tom Condon is Mr Manning’s agent, not his attorney. We stated he was his lawyer. 

 2. Tom Condon never discussed the Al Jazeera matter with Al Jazeera attorneys. As the Hollywood Reporter article clearly indicates, such alleged conversation (which has been categorically denied by Mr. Manning’s spokesperson) allegedly took place between Ted Olson and Al Jazeera’s lawyer. Tom Condon was not a party to said call and never participated in any calls with Al Jazeera’s attorneys regarding this matter. 

 3. We used multiple photographs of Mr. Condon around a story in which he has been falsely and recklessly placed at the center further perpetuate the inherent falsehoods of the Story and did further damage to Mr. Condon’s reputation. Our use of photographs of Mr. Condon for the Story was a mistake and that should not have happened. We apologize. 

Once again we apologize for any misunderstandings or confusion over our post. We hope this satisfies all parties involved.