Via The Sacramento Bee:

“It’s just barber shop talk. It’s just something to have a topic. It’s just foolish,” Sherman said on KNBR radio Wednesday. “… When you hear them blaming Jimmy, Jimmy doesn’t play defense. We had a 10-point lead. We get the guy a stop, we win the game.”

After defending Garoppolo, Sherman took the blame for allowing the play that setup the go-ahead touchdown and the go-ahead touchdown itself.

“So those are things you go into the offseason and know you have to correct and you have to work hard, and it pushes you to work hard, it pushes you to fight to do extra reps to make sure that you don’t let the mistake happen again,” Sherman said.

“Jimmy played fine,” Sherman continued. “He did what he was supposed to do. We got to finish that game out. I got to finish that game out. I got to do what I’m supposed to do. I’m an All-Pro player, I got to play All-Pro down the stretch. … I think, along with other leaders on the team, we would defend him vigorously because that had nothing to do with him.”

This is what leaders do.  Say what you want about Sherman, but it would be really easy to join the chorus and blame Jimmy G.  He instead took blame for his own failings.

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