San Francisco 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman and Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson will be on opposite sides in a game Sunday.

On Thursday, the 49ers corerback said he was looking forward to seeing “some old faces.” However, Wilson wasn’t one of them. 

He knows how great Wilson can be, but Wilson offered up some other stats. 

Speaking to Seattle media earlier Thursday, Russell Wilson took the high road and  praised Sherman as being “as good as it gets at corner” and said he has a lot of respect for him and how he plays the game.

Earlier this year, Sports Illustrated reported Sherman and some Seahawks players did not care for what they considered to be preferential treatment for Wilson from Seattle coach Pete Carr

Asked about it Thursday, Sherman elected not to expound but acknowledged his feelings from the time.

On Thursday, Sherman also said he “100 percent” stood by his previous comments about the deterioration of Seattle’s roster building and talent evaluation.

“If you just look at the draft classes we had early on and the draft classes they’ve had in the last three, four, five years, the truth is the truth,” the 30-year-old said. “I don’t have to make stuff up. People can take it how they want to. It’s unfortunate that things have gone the way they have.”

While Sherman and the Niners enter the final month of the season at 2-9, the Seahawks are 6-5 and in the thick of the NFC playoff chase. 

Sherman is clearly still bothered by being cut by Pete Carroll and the Seahawks while he was hurt. “But they did,” Sherman said,” so you have got to kind of roll with the business.” 

This game should be fun to watch.