NFL ticket prices have been steadily rising since the turn of the millennium, and the average cost of a ticket to a game now is $100. Compare this to $62 in 2006 – the difference is astounding. This shocking increase is leading a lot of NFL fans to stay at home to watch the games instead, which is excluding a people who used to view live games regularly. Franchises that cater to the fans better by reducing costs and offering deals could end up benefiting in the long run.

The upper and lower limits

The prices found at various stadiums across the country vary greatly, with the most prestigious sides being at the top of the tree when it comes to ticket cost. The cheapest tickets can be found at the FirstEnergy Stadium. Supporters of the Cleveland Browns pay around $88 for a ticket, which is seen as a bargain now for an NFL side. It gets a lot pricier when you look at the top end of the sport, though.

The median price of a ticket at the Gillette Stadium to see the New England Patriots will set fans back a whopping $468. The average American earns $27.16 per hour, so would have to work for just over seventeen hours to buy a ticket to see the Pats. Unsurprisingly, that excludes a high number of lifelong fans who have resorted to watching most games at home on TV.

How can the NFL draw in spectators again?

One of the methods that fans have had to use in order to find affordable ticket prices is to look for promotions. The NFL is having to use these discounts as a way to lure disenchanted fans back to the games. This is a common strategy for a lot of industries where there is fierce competition to draw in customers. Online casinos, for instance, are awash with various offers and promotions. There are so many that players need help in finding the best ones. For example, there is a detailed guide to “what are casino bonus codes” here. It explains how to use the codes properly and make the most of deals.

NFL franchises can’t give fans free spins or deposit match bonuses like online casinos, but they can give away free merchandise and reduced ticket prices. Green Bay Packers, for example, offers a variety of different deals designed to save costs for spectators. The Get in the Game Sweepstakes provides a chance to win special trips to certain games with all expenses paid. There are also promotions with the side’s sponsors, such as Bridgestone Tires.

The good news is, the NFL appears to be waking up to the fact that a lot of fans are watching the games from home. For this reason, the tickets may not get too much higher than they are now. In the meantime, fans should keep an eye out for the best promotions as way to save money.