New England Patriots superstar Rob Gronkowski made an organ transplant patient’s wish come true on Monday when he paid a visit to her in her hospital room.

Lauren Meizo is a huge Gronkowski fan and was thrilled when the Patriots tight end and his brother Gordie showed up. She even went ahead and planted this big fat kiss on her favorite player’s face. 

“It was incredible. He was so down to earth!” Meizo said of Gronkowski. “My nerves were gone once we started talking. It was a dream come true … He said the part that sold it for him was when I said in my video (I’ll) allow a meet and greet with me.”

As for her long-awaited transplant, Meizo said she hopes it won’t be much longer.

“I’m at the top of the list, that’s all I know. They say that (I’m) the next,” she said. “Or should I say, they smile when I asked if I’m next. The doctors, that is.”

Say whatever you want about Gronk and his off the field antics, this dude is genuinely a great human being. He’s also one hell of a dancer. If the Patriots trade this guy, they’re making a huge mistake. Not only is he one of the NFL’s best personalities, he’s a huge target for Tom Brady. I’m team Gronk all the way.