What does Gronk do to celebrate a retirement?

Well, he does what any other 30 year old would do when they call it a career. 

They go on a five day bender. 

Check out what was on Gronk’s itinerary:

5-Day Retirement Bash:

  • Karaoke at On the Record
  • Flo Rida and Flava Flav Beach Party at Kaos
  • Palms Pool Party by Monster Energy
  • Marshmello at Kaos
  • Las Vegas Supercross by Monster Energy (he opened the race)
  • Palms Penthouse Retirement Party by Monster Energy
  • Palms After Party
  • Pool Party at Jemaa

Guest list:

His girlfriend Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Camille Kostek, four brothers Gordie, Dan, Chris, Glenn, their dad Gordon, Mojo Rawley, and his childhood friends from Buffalo.

Also, ESPN’s Sarah Spain and her girlfriends who accidentally bumped into his entourage.

That’s how you retire. 

Check out all the pics below:  

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