Robert Covington found out he was traded from the Philadelphia 76ers to the Minnesota Timberwolves on social media


He added that he felt disrespected by how Elton Brand and Brett Brown informed him of the trade. 

“It was really clear-cut and dry. As far as having that respect level, and for how much we’d been through, I would have thought it had to be completely different, but it wasn’t. Considering how much time relationship-wise and everything that went down. … It was weird,” he added. 

Brand said he understands Covington’s frustrations towards him as he transitions from teammate to executive.

“It probably was cold. I would talk to those guys about anything and everything … and now we don’t talk anymore. With my new role and my new job, it’s tough to make those decisions. The relationship is real, but it’s tough because it becomes transactional. I can see how he would think it was cold, for sure.”

The NBA is a business, but it shouldn’t be like that. 

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