Robert Griffin III has gone from star NFL starting quarterback to backup for the Baltimore Ravens in a pretty short period of time.  With the drop in stature comes a drop in annual income and the possibility for business dealings to go south. 

That’s exactly what his former sports agent, Ben Dogra, is claiming in a lawsuit he filed against RGIII.  The lawsuit claims Griffin owes him over $650k.

Via The Blast:

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Ben Dogra filed a lawsuit against his former client, accusing him of screwing him out of commissions not related to his NFL contracts.

The suit claims Dogra and Griffin entered into an agreement in 2012. Dogra was to negotiate numerous marketing and endorsement agreements. He says Griffin agreed to pay him 15% of earnings of all deals worked on.

Dogra claims he hasn’t been paid by RG3 since 2015. He claims Griffin was invoiced over the years and paid a minimal amount, leaving an outstanding balance of $658,975.57.

That’s not chump change.  Although for a guy who once was on top of the NFL with endorsement deals, including one with Subway, you would think he might have that in a bank account somewhere.

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