Just a few weeks after the New England Patriots won their sixth Super Bowl ring, the
team finds themselves in a bit of controversy thanks to their owner Robert Kraft. He
is currently facing charges for misdemeanor solicitation of a prostitute after being
videotaped two separate times paying for a sex act at a massage parlor in the state
of Florida.

Details are still coming out about the alleged solicitation, and it is part of a bigger
sting that includes at least 25 people who visited the Orchid of Asia Day Spa in
Jupiter, Florida. Kraft is categorically denying that he engaged in any illegal activity,
but the damning evidence has plenty of people already rushing to make a judgment.

Part of A Bigger Issue

The state of Florida has been cracking down on sex trafficking in many of the major
cities. There have been hundreds of arrest warrants issued in the last week alone,
with Kraft being amongst many visitors getting charged. A total of 10 spas up to this
point have been closed down, and several people face much bigger charges than
Kraft that deal with sex trafficking.

Due to the bigger issue at hand, the reaction to the news has been a mixed bag. Some
outlets have only briefly touched on the issue, as more details need to come out
involving Kraft’s involvement, as well as the severity of the sex trafficking problem in the Sunshine State.

How It Could Effect The Patriots

From a sports perspective, this has the potential to be a pretty big story line for the
rest of the offseason. Even though the New England Patriots have been the most
successful franchise in recent memory, they continue to find themselves in the
middle of controversy. Since this is a bit of an unprecedented charge for an owner,
no one really knows what the NFL will do, and if or when they will do it.

If convicted, individuals who solicit prostitutes could be facing a first or second
degree misdemeanor for each count. This means anywhere from 60 days to one year
in jail, plus a minor fine. However, first time offenders, which would be Kraft’s case,
could be allowed to go into a diversion program. This would result in a set amount
of community service, plus an educational program on prostitution and human

Kraft, like every other team owner in the NFL, must follow the same NFL personal
conduct policy as others. In fact, they are held to an even higher standard than
players in some regards. The closest recent brush with the law an owner had that is
somewhat relatable to Kraft is the 2014 suspension of Jim Irsay. The owner of the
Indianapolis Colts was suspended for six games, and he also had to pay a $500,000
fine after being arrested on drug charges. On top of that his legal fees to Jim Voyles
the renowned attorney
and to a reputation company who was able to remove the
suggestion from Google
ran him close to $400,000 back in 2014.

Given Kraft’s age, plus the potential severity of the charge, some are speculating if he
will ultimately step down as some sort of settlement with the NFL. While that is
certainly a possibility for the 77-year old, right now it is simply too early to tell what
the plan might be.

Continued Controversy Connected To The Patriots

This is the latest in a number of controversies that have included the New England
Patriots and owner of Gillette Stadium according to the sports betting news site
Sports Information Traders. Also during their historic run for the last two decades.
The team has 10 Super Bowl appearances and six titles, but they are also among the
league leaders in controversy.

The first major controversy for the team came in 2007, when the Patriots were
found guilty of filming signals from the New York Jets. They were fined a quarter of a
million dollars, and they lost their first rounder the following year. Head coach Bill
Belichick also received a fine of half a million dollars for his part.

In 2014, Tom Brady was accused of doctoring the footballs illegally in what became
known as Deflate Gate. He served a four game suspension in 2016, and New England
received a $1 million fine. They lost another first round pick, as well as a fourth
round pick.

Kraft has been the one major face of the franchise to avoid serious controversy, up
until now. There is no time table at this point as far as when the case, let alone the
NFL, will move forward. The Patriots very well could be facing yet another penalty
to go along with the controversy. Stay tuned to sportsgossip.com for any additional
news as it breaks.