Looks like Bob Kraft’s lawyers are going to try everything under the sun to ensure their client’s massage video remains private. 

Via Deadspin:

Kraft’s lawyers, William Burck and Alex Spiro, are targeting Florida’s public records laws, claiming that they violate the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which is designed to protect citizens from unlawful searches and seizures.

This is how desperate Kraft seems to be to prevent the public from seeing him receive a hand job. And he has an uphill battle: Florida’s constitution strongly endorses public records—including police evidence, including videos taken by Jupiter police of what happened inside a massage parlor where, according to law enforcement, Kraft twice paid for and received sexual acts.

Bob Kraft allegedly paid and received sexual acts at the Orchid of Asia Spa in Jupiter twice.

The videotaped incidents occurred on January 19th and January 20th, the same day the Patriots played the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship game. Officials describe Kraft’s visit to the Orchids of Asia Day Spa:

“[employee] escorted Kraft to a room identified as JPPD Cam 2. There, the two hugged each other and Kraft took off all his clothing, laid face up on the massage table and [employee] hugged him again. At approximately 1102hrs. (Employee) began manipulating Kraft’s penis and testicles and then put her head down by his penis. This went on several minutes.”

“After a few minutes, [employee] wiped Kraft in the area of his genitals with a white towel, helped him get dressed and hugged him again. Kraft gave [employee] one $100 bill plus at least one other unidentifiable bill.” 

Can’t blame Kraft for trying everything he can. 

For the sake of Kraft’s reputation.

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