Robert Kraft May Have to Register as a John in Florida

Robert Kraft May Have to Register as a John in Florida

If things don’t go well for New England Patriots owner, he may have a scarlet letter to carry around with him for the rest of his life.

Similar to a sex-offender registry, a “pimps and johns registry” would include names, addresses and photos of those convicted

Via Tampa Bay Times

To deter pimps and johns, lawmakers voted to create the “Soliciting for Prostitution Public Database,” which lists the names, addresses and color photographs of people who are convicted or plead no contest to soliciting prostitution. The bill (HB 851) has not formally been sent to DeSantis. But Lt. Gov. Jeanette Nunez, who serves as vice-chair of the human trafficking panel, said the DeSantis administration is “very concerned” about making sure the state is prepared for the Super Bowl in 2020 in Miami-Dade County and WrestleMania in Tampa.

Both houses of the Florida legislature passed a bill in early May that contains language to create a registry for pimps and johns who are found guilty in their cases.

“I think Mr. Kraft and his representation are well aware of that prospective legislation and how it might apply to him if he were to face a conviction,” a source familiar with the case said. A john registry “would be pretty embarrassing for anyone, I would think. Whether that [registry] comes to be is for the governor to decide.”

Whether such legislation would be applicable to Kraft depends largely on what happens in his prostitution case.

The Palm Beach County State Attorney’s office was granted a pause in Kraft’s case until it could appeal the decision to strike down the video evidence. That stay in proceedings could drag the entire case into 2020 before appeals on the evidence are exhausted.

Without the video, they may not have any case. 

Such an outcome would render any existing registry irrelevant to Kraft, who would then only have to deal with the NFL’s personal conduct policy and how it related to his case.

Either way, he’s going to at some point deal with his Happy Ending visits. 

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