The NFL commissioner has some wheels, and this happened in the NFL offices this morning. What does Monday morning in your office look like? 

Three years back the NFL Commissioner did the same thing, and he did it 5.53 seconds, which means he’s getting faster as he’s getting older. 

I immediately thought to myself, this guy is taking PED’s, and needs to be randomly drug tested. How else can you explain his speed at the age of 59 years old?

In all seriousness, the Commissioner looks to be in tip top shape, and I’d put him up against any commissioner. If you were making as much money as him, you’d be in great shape as well. 

The NFL paid Roger Goodell $31.7 million in 2015, which means his salary was cut by more than $2 million from the year before. Goodell’s annual pay has been cut $12.5 million since 2012.