Ron Darling apologized early Sunday morning for his use of a common expression while discussing Yankees pitcher Masahiro Tanaka.

Via NY Daily News:

“Earlier tonight I used an expression while referencing Masahiro Tanaka’s recent pitching performance,” read Darling’s statement. “While unintentional, I apologize for my choice of words.”

Darling, whose mother is Chinese, made a reference to a “chink” in Tanaka’s armor.  Here is what Darling said, “Chink in the armor for Tanaka here.  It’s the first inning he has lost a little of his control.”

Sure the word “chink” is a racial slur used to disparage Asians, but that’s not what it means in this case.  Not to mention the fact that Darling is half Asian.  

Are we not intelligent enough as a people to realize what Darling was talking about in this case?