The melee broke out on Saturday night, with the Houston Rockets 109-108 ahead late in the fourth quarter, when Lakers guard Rajon Rondo threw a punch toward Rockets point guard Chris Paul after the latter had poked a finger onto his face.

Lakers forward Brandon Ingram then sprinted from half-court looking to land a punch on Paul, before a host of other players got involved.

According to The Athletic, one of Rondo’s family members confronted Paul’s wife, Jada. An eyewitness told a reporter from The Los Angeles Sentinel that Rondo’s girlfriend “shoved” Paul’s wife before security intervened.

Ingram and Rondo were suspended for four and three games respectively, while Paul received a two-game ban for his role in the melee, which he began serving on Sunday night as he sat out the Rockets’ 115-112 defeat against the Clippers in Los Angeles.

The NBA is off to a hot start.