Rugby Union is undoubtedly a sport that takes high priority in many Aussies hearts. It is a sport that we excel in greatly and one that fans can never steer away from. Ruby is a primary reason as to why sports betting hotspots like, do so well in the business world, as Aussies embody the love for the sport greatly! Yet of course, there are always a few players that are singled out more than the rest, for giving the best performance-especially when it comes to representing their country of Australia. We thought it would be good to go through some of the best players that have given their all in making Australia look so good in those league tables, of course the opinion is purely subjective and can be different with everyone, we are sure there are some in this list that you will agree on!

John Eales 

So, John is very well known for his performance across the years 1991-2001. Within that period, he showed up for 86 Australian matches, where he represented the land down under. Within his career, he has managed to win a total of two world cups, in addition to the Wallabies captain versus the British and Irish Lions, way back at the end of his career in 2001. With a record of winning 77.90% of his matches played (as quoted by NBC), you can definitely say that he had something to do with it! So, guess this explains why he’s in the World Rugby Hall of Fame then, right?

Stephen Larkam 

Stephen Larkam has played in 102 tests for his career in the Wallabies. He is really known for the fly-half that he managed to do in 1999, when Australia played against France in the world cup. That was one of the many reasons that Australia managed to win the World Cup, as the drop goal was pretty superior, if we say so ourselves. Many remember it as a key moment in rugby! Unfortunately, his injury that he got from the 2007 World Cup really made Australia suffer and cost them the win, in addition to his career, as he never really recovered to the same superior level that he once was, as a fall back. Regardless of that, he still made the Rugby Hall of Fame for 2012. He definitely contributed to some great screen grabbing TV moments for the fans, no doubt.

Ken Catchpole 

Ken is the kind of player that will always be remembered. Playing from 1961 to 1968, he is an old favourite, but that never really steers him away from being gold and most admired today, by all fans and players in their youth. Many say the reason they began their career in Rugby, was because of Catchpole. 

The reason Catchpole is so special today, is that he really set the bar in Rugby. He managed to join the Wallabies at a really young age of 21-just on his test debut, which is pretty huge for any rugby player-even today! He played in a total of 180 games for Sydney Randwick and even has a statue in his memory, right outside the Allianz Stadium. Unfortunately, his hamstring injury really did end his career and quite early too, at the age of 28. Despite all of that he achieved more than many others and has a fierce reputation for the manner and style of his gameplay!

Michael Lynagh 

Lynagh won an amazing 72 test caps within his career, between the years 1984-1995. 15 of them were at the position of captain, which he did a great job of and was highly respected for on the field. His winning percentage throughout the entire period of his career is a great 71.52%, with 911 in points. The Wallabies valued him greatly, as he had such a significant role in allowing a win in the World Cup over England. He did make the Hall of Fame for rugby of course, back in the year 1999 and 2001. 

George Smith 

George Smith is a more recent favourite, in comparison to the oldies that we mentioned before. Featuring in over 111 tests between 2000-2013, as well as being a captain for 93 games, he was quite the ferocious individual, when it comes to the world of football. 

Even though he was the mighty individual, he never got a chance to be in a World Cup win, which kind of sucks for any rugby player, as nothing really comes in as a memorable win, like winning for your country. However, his illustrious career allowed him to make the 2012 Order of Australia, as a member and representative

George Gregan 

George has the Australian record for the number of caps (139) and also comes fifth in the world for rugby, with his record too. Many fans remember the memorable moment of when Gregan tackled Jeff Wilson during the Wallabies match against the All Blacks. That move was definitely something, but it also helped to win the Bledisloe cup too!

During his career from 1994-2007, he managed to go to three Rugby World Cups and also made captain in the year 2003. Not too bad if we say so ourselves. Although he never won a world cup, he still was given a place as a member of the Order of Australia, for his amazing efforts and contributions to rugby.

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