Kanye West alleged he once “caught”  Kim Kardashian, with NBA player Chris Paul in a Twitter rant Thursday night.

The rapper, whose account has since been suspended because of anti-Semitic language, wrote that he wanted to “break one last window” before he left the social media app.

“Before we get outa here, I caught this guy with Kim,” the Grammy winner, 45, claimed. “Goodnight.”

West’s tweet included a photo of Paul, who has been married to Jada Crawley since 2011. Now we’re hearing that Kim K is trying to attach herself to a new man to keep the image up that she is in fact wanted. 

Here’s the tip we received: 

Allegedly Kim K’s team is scrambling right now to get anyone on her arm so she looks desirable, and according to an inside source, they reached out to a bi-racial MLB player

  • ~ The response was the owner of the team had his office return the call saying no. 
  • ~ Not the player’s agent, the team manager, or the press office, but the actual office higher than the front office which is very telling
  • ~ The message was basically from the League advising she and her family to keep away from their players
  • ~ That’s how radioactive their brand is right now. 

 That brand just got even more toxic today following the Chris Paul cheating rumors.  Baseball is probably the most conservative of all sports this makes sense.

At this point you really don’t want to be associated with any of the Kanye, Kardashian craziness. But of course we should expect to see Kim with a new man any day now. That’s one way to control the media cycle. 

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