Seattle Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson and Ciara touched down in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and by the looks of it, they’re ready to party!  

The super famous couple expressed excitement about coming to Rio for a vacation when they told their followers that they were going down to Rio and they wanted to learn all about the culture.

Russell shared on his Twitter:

“Hey, Brazil just letting you guys know. I’m Russell Wilson. I play quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks”, he said, “And we are headed out to y’alls way. We’re headed to Rio soon in a couple of days on Tuesday, the 27th all the way through the 4th [of March] I believe and having some fun. We want to tastes y’alls culture!”.

Ciara was so excited to be in Rio and attend the world-famous Rio De Janeiro Carnaval that she quickly posted a sexy picture of herself with ‘Brazil Let’s Dance’ as soon as she arrived at her hotel.

During their shared video, Ciara expressed the desire to want to learn the country’s very sexy dance – the Samba.

Russell humorously said he would let Ciara concentrate on the dancing while he concentrates in learning Brazil’s favorite sport  fútbol. It’s soccer for those of you who don’t know what fútbol is.  

Nice to see Russ already getting in a workout. 

He’ll need it if he wants to keep up. 

The Rio de Janeiro Carnaval goes from March 1 – March 6 this year.  

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