The Seattle Seahawks had a tough time again the Dallas Cowboys defense. And they kept running into it over and over and over and over in a 24-22 loss.

Seahawks QB Russell Wilson was asked Sunday during the team’s locker cleanout following the loss if he wanted to throw the ball more early given how ineffective the running game was versus Dallas.

“I think that when you reflect back on it, we were throwing it pretty well in the game,” he said, via The News Tribune. “I think we could have kept doing that some more. But also, you want to stay true to running the ball, too. So, I think that, like I said, this game was kind of similar to the Carolina game I felt like a little bit. They did a pretty good job of stopping us on the run and in that game we had to throw the ball and make some plays. I think this game was kind of similar in that sense, if we could have done that a little bit more maybe earlier. But I think also too, we could have been better. We could have been better on some of the runs and some of the things we were doing. That’s part of the game. Sometimes you shoot, sometimes it doesn’t go in. Sometimes you shoot and it keeps going in.”

The Seahawks need to put the ball in Russelll’s hands if they’re going to win. Let the guy who gets paid the most be the one who wins or loses the game. 

We got up-and-down the field so quick, those type of things just show what we’re capable of, what we can do,” Wilson said of the splash plays on the final drive of a come-from-behind bid that fell short.

Russ will have all off season to think about not throwing the ball enough in their playoff loss. 

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