The Russian Women’s hockey team, HC Spartak Moscow, caused some controversy earlier this week after announcing Yulia Ushakova’s ankle injury.  They used a picture of her on the treatment table with nothing on but a thong.

Despite the backlash, the picture is still up on their Twitter account.  It’s a picture that Ushakova used on her personal Instagram page to announce the injury.

Via the Daily Mail:

Ushakova, a former bodybuilding champion who also works for the club’s TV channel, had earlier posted the same image on her own Instagram page.

She wrote: ‘I twisted my ankle, two broken nails. My wrist will be corrected, and when I go for the manicure, the problem will be solved. I started the week badly.

‘I will solve the ‘women’s problems’ in terms of the degree of significance, first I’ll remove the wrinkles, then to the manicure. And the ankle itself will pass.

‘Let’s see how cosmetics works @celltense_russia. To all, a cool and positive start of the week!’

The 28-year-old offered a further update on Thursday saying she had already started her recovery from the injury.

‘The ankle has recovered, everything in order,’ Ushakova said.

While it probably isn’t the best way for the team to announce her injury.  At the same time they didn’t make her take the photo for the announcement.  They simply used a picture she had posted to make her own announcement.

Here is more from look at Yulia’s Instagram page.