Russian MMA legend Fedor Emelianenko says notorious Irish trash-talker Conor McGregor should “watch his tongue,” when asked about the UFC star’s conduct as the heavyweight icon opened up on the state of the sport.

Veteran Emelianenko is preparing for what could be his final swansong against Ryan Bader in the Bellator Grand Prix final in California this weekend.

Ahead of the fight, the man known as ‘The Last Emperor’  had words of warning about the toxic insults increasingly dished out by some fighters, including McGregor.

Emelianenko said.

Emelianenko reiterated his belief that countryman Khabib Nurmagomedov shouldn’t have reacted the way he did after submitting McGregor in the fourth round of their UFC lightweight title fight in October, after which the Russian vaulted the cage and launched himself at a member of the Irishman’s team.

“[Khabib] should have just taken the microphone and said who McGregor is and where he belongs,” Emelianenko said.

Asked about his own relationship with Nurmagomedov,  Emelianenko said that in reality he was not on close terms with his fellow MMA star.

“As a person I practically don’t know him. I’ve met him, we talked a little. I formed the impression of a cultured, positive fighter. As a sportsman he’s a UFC champion – that’s a [high] level,” he said.

I’d love to see Fedor versus McGregor. 

Of course that would never happen, they’re vastly different sized fighters, but boy, would that be fun to watch. 

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