A fist fight between NHL stars Ryan Reaves and Adam McQuaid broke out, and let’s just say, it was worth the price of admission. 

Two of arguably the toughest guys going at it 

During a break in play, Las Vegas forward Ryan Reaves and Rangers defenseman Adam McQuaid put down their sticks and started circling in the middle of the rink as fans in the stands rose to their feet to get a good view of the heavyweight clash.

The fight lasted longer than many hockey fights, with both men getting solid punches in before Reaves knocked McQuaid’s helmet off and started unloading with heavy shots, eventually throwing the New York man to the ice.

Watch below: 

The head-to-head was described by one fan online as the “Mayweather vs McGregor of the NHL,” while commentator Sam Rosen described it as “a heavyweight battle.”

This is what hockey fans crave.. 

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