Bailey Davis was a New Orleans Saints cheerleader for three seasons, then she was fired for an inappropriate Instagram post. The former New Orleans Saints cheerleader, who says a picture she posted on her private Instagram account got her fired, is all over the news, even being featured on Inside Edition. 

“We have always been told, ‘You’re replaceable. There’s hundreds of girls that would do this for free,’” she said. “So that’s kind of why, any little thing, we just kind of kept our mouth shut because we wanted to be professional cheerleaders.”

In her complaint with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Davis accused the Saints of having one set of rules for its male players and entirely different set of standards for its female cheerleaders.

Among them are rules that forbid cheerleaders from interacting with players in person or online. Cheerleaders are required to block players from following them on social media. They also are forbidden from posting photos of themselves wearing Saints gear, although football players are allowed to do so.

Davis said she hopes going public with her experience will encourage a discussion among NFL teams about double standards. She also wants it to help level the playing field.

“I don’t think they’ll give me my job back but I do want the rules to be equal for the other women,” she said. Good luck!