“I was cleared yesterday,” he said on the show. “It’s been quite a process, and you spend a lot of time trying to learn as much as you can about it. We’re certainly seeing it on the news 24/7.”

“When you’re basically at home with the symptoms that I had, 85 to 90 percent of people will have mild symptoms and recover fully,” he explained.

“The CDC basically puts out, prior to getting cleared, [that] you have to be three days fever-free, [and] a week from when you first felt symptoms. I’m closer to 10 days now,” Payton said.

“I’ve been fortunate,” Payton noted of his health, adding that he is “feeling a lot better.”

The coach also went on to urge the public to “pay attention to every single detail” that government and health officials share during this time.

“Because when you look at the numbers and you look at what’s happened, when two goes to six and six goes to 28 and the next thing you know you’re at 500, it just tells you how contagious this is,” Payton said of how quickly the disease can spread.

It’s certainly not a death sentence but if you can avoid it contracting it, you should. 

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